After successful CPD Mini-Courses in Brussels and Berlin in 2019, CPD was pleased to offer "Transforming Data Into Insights for Public Diplomacy Strategy” in both February and October. Our three-day training workshop is essential for today's public diplomat looking for a more robust toolkit in data analysis, digital storytelling, emerging technologies and much more.

We have over 14 years of experience in public diplomacy professional training, which is tailored toward those who wish to develop their leadership skills through a knowledge base of innovative and creative new resources.

This course aims to develop proficiency in analyzing and integrating a variety of data to create impactful public diplomacy strategies and programs. Course material will combine time-tested methods and technology-driven tools in data collection and analysis. You will learn methods to effectively employ storytelling to demonstrate and advance insights for strategy.

The workshop comprises the following modules:

  • Integrating Data and Storytelling in Public Diplomacy Strategy and Planning
  • Foundations of PD Campaign Strategy and Measurement: Theory of Change
  • Fundamentals of Research Methodologies for Public Diplomacy
  • Understanding Stakeholders and Influence
  • Digital Diplomacy & Real-Time Analytics
  • Network Analysis
  • Narrative Strategies of Public Diplomacy
  • Creating Social Stories: PD Strategy through Engaging Narratives

Who Should Apply

Our professional training programs are geared toward mid-career professionals posted in government agencies, including foreign affairs, defense and homeland security; intelligence agencies; non-governmental organizations; international organizations; and private-sector companies. In addition to innovative instruction, the program provides a setting for mid-career professionals to exercise their evaluation and decision-making skills in a group of their peers and to contribute their own ideas and perspectives.

Past participants have included individuals from the United States Department of State, Global Affairs Canada, British Council, United Nations, the World Bank, Korea Foundation, and foreign ministries and other organizations of international affairs from countries including Australia, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine, India, Israel, Italy, China, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Tunisia, UK, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, among others.


  • 1,800 per person inclusive of course materials and some meals.
  • 1,500 per person for two or more from the same organization and inclusive of course materials and some meals.

NOTE: You will be invoiced in USD on the date of your acceptance letter.


How to Apply

The electronic application for the Mini-Course can be found on the USC Center on Public Diplomacy website here. For more information, please email Stacy Ingber at  

Upon submission of your application, you will receive notification of receipt and a general time frame of the decision process. There is a rolling admissions process and applicants will be notified as soon as a decision is made. Once accepted, deadlines for submitting the non-refundable deposit, campaign submission requirements, and final payment instructions.

For over fourteen years, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy has been the go-to program for diplomats, non-state actors, international organizations, scholars and business executives to engage in public diplomacy training. Our unique learning model of dialogue, presentations, simulations, and small group discussions provide participants the tools and skills needed for the practice of public diplomacy. All of our course offerings (download here or view below) can be packaged into a customized program to meet an organization's needs.