Public Diplomacy Performance and Innovation 

Accurately evaluating public diplomacy activities continues to prove challenging to practitioners around the world. CPD intends to conceptualize PD evaluation as an integral part of strategic planning and provide analytic tools to assist those conducting public diplomacy. We will also define what is measurable and not measurable for policy-making purposes.

Conferences & Workshops

A mini-course to develop proficiency in analyzing and integrating a variety of data to create impactful public diplomacy strategies and programs. 

Offering the 12th annual training program for the world's public diplomats from July 10-July 21.

Global Affairs Canada and CPD will jointly host a program in Ottawa on PD and  advocacy evaluation by foreign ministries and international organizations.

Let's Get DiploDigital

Watch along as CPD shares experiences of Digital Diplomacy with foreign ministries of Italy, UK, EU and Canada.

I am Diplomacy - Global Ties U.S. National Meeting

CPD partners with Global Ties U.S. to offer a special workshop

CPD and the Embassy of Canada to Italy will jointly host a program in Rome on international advocacy efforts by European countries.

December 21, 2015

NATO explores how today’s unpredictable security environment impacts public diplomacy.

CPD's second mini-course started this week.

This CPD co-sponsored panel at the Pacific Council on International Policy's spring conference explores how foreign ministries are practicing international advocacy. Topics will include merging traditional and digital forms of public diplomacy globally, strategies for effective communication and engagement, as well as how to determine success through metrics and analysis.

Join CPD in DC for this panel discussion with the foreign ministries of Canada, Israel, Mexico and the United States.

Accurately evaluating public diplomacy activities continues to prove challenging to practitioners around the world. As part of its research initiatives, CPD hosts a series of discussions with researchers and practitioners to conceptualize PD evaluation.

CPD Publications, Analysis, & Multimedia

Read the summary of the International Advocacy in the Digital Age workshop with recommendations from Canada, Israel, Mexico and the United States.

On September 16, the U.S. ACPD released a study on public diplomacy and impact evaluation.

The most comprehensive bibliography of digital diplomacy to date.

Former CPD Public Diplomat-in-Residence Robert Banks offers some insight on the scope and status of the field of public diplomacy evaluation in the latest installment of the CPD Perspective series. The publication offers a list of resources for those who wish to know more about the subject.

The sixth paper in the 2011 series of CPD Perspectives by CPD Research Fellow (2009-2011) Kathy R. Fitzpatrick has been released.

 Deirdre Kline - Middle East Broadcasting Networks (U.S. government source)

CPD releases An Evaluation of Alhurra Television Programming, a multi-method evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of Alhurra's news broadcasting to the Middle East.

Related CPD Research Projects

This project will aim to conceptualize and validate an integrated country image measurement instrument that allows PD practitioners and researchers to carry out comparative analysis of country images across countries, stakeholder groups, and different media.

The goal of this project is to gain critical insights into the drivers and barriers of M&E-related behavior of practitioners in the PD domain.

This research project will study how Twitter is being used in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as a form of digital diplomacy. 

Assessment and evaluation of public diplomacy remains an undeveloped study area. Governments, institutions and international organizations continue to struggle in defining the right approach to evaluate the impact of their programs on their audiences.

Governments face a lack of resources to meet citizen demands and collective interests at home and abroad. This project aims to expand efforts to evaluate current policy to engage with and invest in projects with diaspora organizations, aka “diaspora diplomacy.”

November 10, 2009

This project has examined extant research on the topic of public diplomacy evaluation. It focused on various approaches to evaluation taken by the private sector, especially in the field of public relations, and by foreign governments (the UK in particular). Special attention was devoted to how the U.S. Government has historically approached the goal of measuring performance in PD and where that process is today.

An Evaluation of Alhurra Television Programming is a multi-method evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of Alhurra's news broadcasting to the Middle East. The study is based upon a content analysis of over 75 hours of Alhurra's news programming, and on three working groups with over 40 Arab journalists and professors of media and journalism studies at universities across the Middle East.