CPD Video Conversations from Shanghai Expo Features the U.S. Pavilion

On June 21, the USC Center on Public Diplomacy's research team in Shanghai released a video conversation focusing on the U.S. pavilion and its student ambassadors. This video post is the first of two parts; the second part will be released later this week.

Titled "Brand Ambassadors," this CPD video blog highlights the experiences of the American student ambassadors in Shanghai. In the video posts, students describe their typical days at the Expo which involve greeting and explaining to the Chinese visitors in Mandarin the U.S. pavilion, and two student ambassadors explain their motivations for coming to the expo. This video conversation also includes an interview with the program officer of the U.S. pavilion who provides an overview of the Student Ambassador Program. Click here to watch the latest video blog.

This video is part of the Nation Branding at the Expo Shanghai 2010 project, which involves the Shanghai research team posting weekly video blogs highlighting select countries and their pavilions during the world expo. Click here to watch the first two videos, featuring the French and South African Pavilions.

To read more about the Center's Nation Branding project, which includes a Media Monitor dedicated to tracking international coverage of the Expo, click here.

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