El Salvador and Colombia's Diaspora Communities

Communication scholars Vanessa Bravo and María De Moya have published a new article in The Hague Journal of Diplomacy. Their piece, Communicating the Homeland’s Relationship with its Diaspora Community: The Cases of El Salvador and Colombia, appeared in volume 10, issue 1 of the 2015 publication. The article analyzes the relationship between the governments of El Salvador and Colombia and their U.S.-based diaspora communities, looking specifically at how the governments are “courting their diaspora” through official channels of communication such as news releases, speeches and factsheets, and more broadly, how the governments view their diasporas as expatriate constituencies. As the authors note, diaspora communities “contribute significantly to the home country through remittances, political participation…technology transfers …. [as well as] ideas, practices and narratives,” making diaspora communities a strategic audience in both public diplomacy programming and nation-branding opportunities.

The full article is available here


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