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The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is proud to present FYI - Film Your Issue, an unprecedented "issue film" competition inviting young Americans to add their voice to the public dialogue on contemporary issues via 30-to-60 second films. The competition, presented in conjunction with partners including Microsoft, MSN Spaces, USA TODAY,mtvU, Entertainment Weekly, The Walt Disney Company, Paramount Pictures, Motorola and Toshiba; national and international organizations like The United Nations and U.N. Millennium Campaign, The Humane Society of the United States, A.S.C.AP., launched January 24, 2006 at the Sundance Film Festival.

Young Americans 18 to 26 are invited to create 30-to-60 second films -- live action or animated -- on any issue, as a way to empower young adults in being engaged, involved citizens and giving them a voice. Students may also choose from six suggested sub-categories, which will offer additional presentation platforms to winners: Global issues/ UN Millennium Development Goals; Animal Welfare; Arts as a Global Diplomat and Cultural Bridge; Music-driven, featuring solo, band, or music-video styled film in which music presents the issue; and Integration of Film and New Media, in which an issue will be expressed via the creation of an issue-based webpage on MSN Spaces which merges film and internet-based technologies.

Submission deadline is May 1, 2006.

George Clooney and Walter Cronkite have each written an open letter to young Americans, currently being distributed across the U.S. on college campuses. The candid letters urge young Americans to engage in the pressing social issues of our times, and add their voices to the public dialogue. Clooney and Cronkite are members of a VIP jury that will judge submissions. Ben Bradlee, Anderson Cooper, Barack Obama, Brian Williams, Nicholas Kristof and Antonio Villaraigosa will also participate on the jury.

To read the complete press release, click here.

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