Breaking Ground: First Africa-US Public Diplomacy Conference

Co-Sponsored with the University of the Witwatersrand

The USC Center on Public Diplomacy is pleased to co-host with the University of the Witwatersrand the First Africa-U.S. Public Diplomacy Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 10, 2018.

The conference will mark the establishment of the African Centre for the Study of the United States (ACSUS) at the Wits University. The public diplomacy program at the Centre will be the first of its kind in Africa and will lead a variety of collaborations on research, teaching and engagement. The first major such gathering on public diplomacy in Africa, this event will bring together African, American and other global practitioners and academics from diverse fields. 

Topics will include:

  • the history and conceptual understanding of PD
  • the trends and developments in PD at the CPD and lessons for the Wits African diplomacy initiative
  • prospects for Africa-U.S. partnerships in PD
  • discussions on corporate, cultural and media dimensions of PD in Africa and the USA, and
  • the role of PD in peace and security in Africa.

Crucially, the conference will brainstorm ideas for the implementation of PD projects in Africa.

Conference partners: The USC Masters in Public Diplomacy program and the Public Diplomacy Council.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018 -
9:00am to 5:00pm
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Johannesburg, So. Africa


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