Course Structure

Classes will take place in the morning and each program has its own unique schedule. We will be using the Zoom platform. Modules are a mix of lecture, group work, debriefing and presentations. Additionally, there will be self-directed videos to review prior to sessions and scheduled guest speakers, faculty office hours, and networking activities. Collaborative learning is an integral part of the CPD professional education experience. You are expected to attend every session, complete all assignments, and contribute effectively online and in small group sessions. These all will take place live and there are no make-up sessions.


  1. Foundational Principles and Future of Public Diplomacy
  2. Public Diplomacy Campaign Strategy and Planning
  3. Segmentation Analysis for Public Diplomacy Strategy
  4. Mapping Stakeholder and Influencers
  5. Public Diplomacy Measurement and Theory of Change
  6. Common Analytical Methods for Public Diplomacy
  7. Digital Analytics and Insights
  8. Narrative Strategies for Public Diplomacy
  9. Computational Thinking and Data Types
  10. Fundamentals of Machine Learning and AI
  11. Content Planning
  12. Digital Storytelling for Public Diplomacy
  13. Audio for Public Diplomacy
  14. Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling for Public Diplomacy

Course Faculty

For a list of instructors for the 2021 Summer Institute, click here.