Course Structure

Each day of the Summer Institute will consist of a full day of courses from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday with occasional evening lectures and programming. Please be prepared to attend the required Orientation program on the Sunday prior to the program. The Closing program will take place immediately following the last session and include the presentation of certificates. Participants should plan to travel home the following day.


  1. Foundational Principles and Future of Public Diplomacy
  2. Influence and Advocacy
  3. Telling Stories in Networked Culture
  4. Media & Public Opinion Framework
  5. Integrating Data and Storytelling in PD Strategy and Planning
  6. Computational Thinking for PD
  7. Stakeholder and Influencer Analysis
  8. Digital Analytics & Algorithms
  9. Foundations of Campaign Strategy and Measurement: Theory of Change
  10. Fundamentals of Research Methodologies
  11. Performance and Measurement: Cases
  12. Case Studies in Crisis Communication
  13. Nation/Place Branding
  14. Movement as Information: Cross-Cultural Communication
  15. Creativity, Improvisation, & Leadership
  16. Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling for Public Diplomacy
  17. Cultural Diplomacy and Partnerships
  18. Framing Public Diplomacy
  19. Digital Storytelling
  20. Digital Insights and AI for PD Campaigns
  21. Creating Visual Content for PD
  22. AI and Bots for Public Diplomacy
  23. Designing and Planning PD Strategies

Course Faculty

For a list of instructors in the upcoming Summer Institute, click here.