Course Structure

We have designed the CPD Summer Institute to allow for a mix of lecture, real-time projects, discussions and presentations. Collaborative learning is an integral part of the CPD professional education experience. Participants are expected to attend every session regardless of the program, complete all assignments and contribute effectively in both large and small group sessions.

Content modules for 2024 focus on foundational principles and emerging trends; social science research and insights; audience understanding; common behavioral data and analytics; and next-generation content creation strategies and tactics.

  • Foundational Principles and the Future of Public Diplomacy
  • Navigating Contemporary Information Environment for Public Diplomacy
  • What Artificial Intelligence Means for Public Diplomacy
  • Current Policies and Practices of AI in Public Diplomacy
  • Research Insights on Disinformation and Misinformation
  • Exploring the Role of Emotion in Public Diplomacy
  • Understanding the Psychology of Online Community
  • Audience Analysis for Public Diplomacy
  • Fundamentals of AI and Applications in Public Diplomacy
  • Real Time Analytics and Digital Insights
  • Theory of Change and PD Campaign Measurement
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Public Diplomacy: Case Studies
  • Narrative Strategy for Public Diplomacy
  • Creator Culture for Youth Engagement
  • Cultural Diplomacy
  • Digital Storytelling for Public Diplomacy
  • AI for Public Diplomacy Storytelling
  • Audio Storytelling for Public Diplomacy
  • Mixed Reality Storytelling for Public Diplomacy
  • Crisis Management and Narrative Strategy
  • Nation Branding and Mega Events
  • Public Diplomacy for Global Challenges - Climate Policy