CPD Highlights: From Secretary Clinton to Secretary Kerry

The past month saw the departure of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton from the U.S. Department of State (State). Clinton spent her time at State advocating for the use of smart power, which included the support for and creation of many public diplomacy initiatives, including the creation of an annual Global Diaspora Forum, the position of Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women’s Issues, the Chef Corps, and an increased emphasis on digital engagement via “21st Century Statecraft.”

Replacing Secretary Clinton as America’s leader of the diplomatic corps is distinguished Senator John Kerry. As academics and practitioners alike look ahead to the much anticipated role Secretary Kerry will give to public diplomacy in his time at State, here are a collection of articles from our PDiN database that reflect on Secretary Clinton’s time and make predictions about Secretary Kerry’s.

Secretary Clinton (please follow #hillary clinton for more articles)

U.S. Will Lead the 21st Century: Clinton
The Australian

Departing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Leaves Behind a Legacy of Firsts
ABC News

Hillary Clinton: The Secretary of 1,000 Things
The Boston Globe

Hillary Clinton Departs with 69% Approval Rating: What’s Next?
Women’s Agenda

Secretary Kerry (please follow #john kerry for more articles)

Will Kerry Bring Faith to Foreign Policy?
The Huffington Post

Reporting for Duty, Kerry Pledges to Protect Diplomats
The New York Times

How John Kerry Could Out-Internet Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State
The Atlantic

How Will John Kerry Deal With China?
People’s Daily Online


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