January 2010: The View from CPD

Welcome to the latest periodical from the USC Center on Public Diplomacy: PDiN Monitor.

This new electronic roundup of the Center‘s subscription service PDiN (Public Diplomacy in the News), is intended to serve as a one-stop resource for practitio-ners, scholars and policy makers around the world.

Beginning this month, PDiN Monitor will highlight significant developments in pub-lic diplomacy aggregated by the Center along with commentary and analysis from CPD staff, fellows, visiting scholars and others. The intention is to showcase international stories and trends that in some cases may not readily appear germane to public diplomacy studies or practice, and to provide regular policy-relevant analysis for our readers.

In this first issue of PDiN Monitor, Pamela K. Starr illustrates the public diplomacy dimension of recent economics headlines and in specific how the world is con-tending with China‘s mounting economic clout. As she points out, the recent news of China‘s conflict with Google and the U.S. government provides an excellent case study for those interested in the intersection between economics, IT and public diplomacy. Philip Seib, Cari Guittard and Naomi Leight each present their view on the power of “Aid diplomacy” in the context of Haiti.

In addition to providing a timely overview and analysis of international news in our eight categories of public diplomacy practice, PDiN Monitor offers information about upcoming events – at CPD and elsewhere in the world – as well as recent publications of interest.

We thank you for reading, and please don‘t hesitate to contact us at cpd@usc.edu with your feedback.


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