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Conceptualizing Museum Diplomacy

In the latest issue of CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy, 2019–21 CPD Research Fellow Sascha Priewe explores the global engagement of museums. 

"Museum Diplomacy: Parsing the Global Engagement of Museums" discusses museums as significant actors in public and cultural diplomacy and examines their various international networks as participants in diplomatic activity. Priewe recognizes the agency and potential of museums as diplomatic actors in a burgeoning space with renewed scholarly interest in cultural diplomacy.

"Museums have become one of myriad actors in the 'network' of diplomatic actors that have added to the diplomacy exercised by the 'club' of the nation-states."

Priewe establishes a theoretical framework for museum diplomacy as a practice in its own right and emphasizes how it bridges the local with the global. 

Download (PDF) "Museum Diplomacy: Parsing the Global Engagement of Museums" here.


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