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Public diplomacy is truly a global phenomenon, and CPD's programming reflects that.

From the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang to Rome to Ottawa and beyond, CPD has partnered with international institutions all around the world to advance dialogue about the many facets of public diplomacy theory, trends and practice.

CPD's next stop is Brussels, Belgium for CPD's first professional training offering in Europe (February 4-6). More info here.

Learn more about CPD's global programming below. 

New Delhi, India

Conference on India's Soft Power (Upcoming: December 2018). CPD is pleased to be a primary academic partner for India’s first major conference on soft power, December 17-19, 2018. Given the growing role of soft power in India's foreign policy, the Center for Soft Power of the India Foundation will host its inaugural conference in collaboration with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The aim of the conference is to convene scholars, practitioners, experts, policymakers and diplomats to deliberate and discuss Indian soft power. 

Brussels, Belgium

Mini-Course: Transforming Data into Insights for Public Diplomacy Strategy (Upcoming: February 2019). As CPD's first training workshop in Europe, this three-day course aims to develop proficiency in analyzing and integrating a variety of data to create impactful PD strategies and programs. CPD is partnering with the Embassy of the Netherlands in Brussels prior to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' second Diplomacy Camp

NATO Public Diplomacy Forum (February 2016). CPD co-organized the 2016 NATO Public Diplomacy Forum held in Brussels on February 22, 2016. The PD Forum examined how unpredictable security environments impact the role of public diplomacy, challenges and best practices. This event was part of NATO's continued efforts to engage with counterparts and colleagues in public, private and non-profit sectors to exchange best practices and foster constructive discussions on public diplomacy.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Breaking Ground: First Africa-U.S. Public Diplomacy Conference (March 2018). CPD co-hosted with the University of the Witwatersrand the First Africa-U.S. Public Diplomacy Conference in Johannesburg, South Africa. The conference marked the establishment of the university's African Centre for the Study of the United States (ACSUS). The public diplomacy program at the Centre is the first of its kind in Africa and leads a variety of collaborations on research, teaching and engagement. The first major such gathering on public diplomacy in Africa, this event brought together African, American and other global practitioners and scholars from diverse fields. 

PyeongChang, South Korea

CPD 360 in South Korea (February 2018). Made possible in part by the Korea Foundation, the CPD 360 team traveled to South Korea to produce an immersive documentaryInside Sports Diplomacy: A 360° View of Korean Peacebuilding through PyeongChang 2018, and immersive postcards focusing on sports diplomacy and culture during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. The content was produced in partnership with JOVRNALISM (VR journalism) and was carried by several national media outlets.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh International Culture Summit (August 2016). As a knowledge partner at the 2016 Edinburgh International Culture Summit, CPD played a key role in discussions on culture and inclusion during the biennial event that convenes cultural ministers, artists, scholars and policymakers for global discussions on critical issues in culture. CPD shared summit highlights via digital channels to expand the conversation on the vital role of cultural diplomacy and cultural relations in advancing global peace and security.

Tokyo, Japan

Forum in Japan on Multilateral PD (June 2016). CPD, in conjunction with Keio University, hosted a private forum in Tokyo, Japan to explore a multilateral framework on public diplomacy. Relationships between the U.S., Japan and China were assessed as key for demonstrating the expanding practical application of public diplomacy in global affairs. The forum convened scholars and practitioners with expertise in the public diplomacy practices of these three countries to examine opportunities for multilateral public diplomacy actions.

Ottawa, Canada

PD & Advocacy for Effective Results (April 2016). Global Affairs Canada and CPD jointly hosted a special forum that explored results measurement for public diplomacy and advocacy activities conducted by foreign ministries and international organizations. Particular focus was placed on the exploration of various tools, data and approaches, and how effectively they have been used. The workshop brought together representatives from eight foreign ministries, as well as NATO and the UN, to share best practices. 

Rome, Italy

International Advocacy in the Digital Age, Workshop #2 (February 2016). CPD and the Embassy of Canada to Italy jointly hosted a program in Rome examining government-led international advocacy efforts by European countries. Particular focus was placed on the exploration of how best to merge traditional and digital campaigns, and how we determine success through the use of metrics. This workshop brought together representatives from several foreign ministries, including Italy, the UK and the EU, to share best practices. 

Images (from top to bottom): Photos by xegsef via Pixabay, CPD 360 team, MiniMe-70 via Pixabay, Tama66 via Pixabay, sosinda via Pixabay, dimitrisvetsikas via Pixabay, Willie via Pixabay and hiandian via Pixabay. All photos edited by CPD. 


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