Soft Power Takes Center Stage

Looking for all things soft power? Check out our roundup of content related to this important area of public diplomacy. Start with a general discussion of Joseph S. Nye, Jr.'s concept and continue with case studies of individual countries.

All About Soft Power


Country Case Studies

The Tumultuous Story of Brazil's Soft Power. The hosts of the "Explaining Brazil" podcast talked with Daniel Buarque on the country's diminishing influence in the international sphere. 

South Africa's Soft Power Future. How South Africa uses soft power in foreign policy to maintain regional hegemony amidst a troubled economy and government.

Leveraging Intellectuals for Soft Power by Alfredo Cumerma. Thought leaders can serve as cultural ambassadors, as Norberto Fuentes has for Cuba. How can the U.S. follow suit to develop soft power?

Tokyo 2020 and Japan's Soft Power by Yukari Easton. Japan's cultural appeal is at it's best when the government takes a hands-off approach, says Easton.

The Public Diplomacy of Emerging Powers Part II: The Case of Indonesia by Ellen Huijgh. In part II of the "emerging power" series, Huijgh looks at Indonesia's influence in the international realm.

The Public Diplomacy of Emerging Powers: Part I: The Case of Turkey by Ellen Huijgh and Jordan Warlick. Part I of the "emerging power" series which looks at the soft power of Turkey.

U.S. Soft Power From the First Amendment. David Ensor on how the VOA's style of reporting strengthens U.S. soft power.

Soft Power and Public Diplomacy: The Case of the European Union in Brazil by María Luisa Azpíroz. Written in both Spanish and English, Azpiroz's paper considers the EU's efforts in Brazil.

Rising Soft Powers: India. This CPD e-book features an exclusive interview with Indian diplomat and author whose book was adapted into the film Slumdog Millionaire, and more.

Rising Soft Powers: China. A 2015 e-book featuring CPD blogs, essays and interviews on the Confucius Institutes, U.S-China military-to-military exchanges and "Panda diplomacy."

Cartoons and a Country's Attractiveness: The Case of RussiaCPD Blogger Anna Velikaya makes the case for cartoons as soft power.


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