soft power

By harnessing the intermediary soft power of cultural icons like Taylor Swift, ASEAN countries can elevate their visibility, attract investment, and position themselves as key players in the global cultural industry.

Public diplomacy must extend beyond its discursive focus on soft power, into new epistemology for understanding negative and adversarial branding.

The Chinese diaspora in Hollywood is a cultural agent leveraging Chinese soft power and helping the U.S. regain Chinese audiences.

Science Diplomacy (SD) leverages scientific collaboration to enhance a nation's global influence and promote international cooperation. 

Ireland has placed storytelling at the heart of its public diplomacy strategy. 

image of floating market in bangkok by izzetugutmen via Canva

After two decades of gradual public diplomacy efforts, the Thai government has recently accelerated and formalized its public diplomacy initiatives.

Photo of the flags of the Western Balkan countries by Arman Fazlic via Canva

Heightened public diplomacy efforts from China, Türkiye, and Russia are significantly influencing regional dynamics in the Western Balkans, Europe's "powder keg."

January 11, 2024

Principal Investigator:
Alexander Evans, CPD Research Fellow 2024-26