soft power

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The educational / training institutions abroad that welcome foreign military students could wield upon them a variety of influences.

Accepting applications through November 26 from PD scholars and practitioners pursuing research questions at the cutting edge of public diplomacy.

A new CPD blog spotlights Portuguese intelligence and NATO as case studies in examining foreign influence on political affairs.

CPD contributor Jonathan Prosser explains how sustainable entrepreneurship can be public diplomacy.

Türkiye has made gastrodiplomacy one of the most significant elements of its soft power and has been engaging in efforts to promote its cuisine with activities such as Turkish Cuisine Week.

American universities abroad can advance U.S. geopolitical interests, but must also appear disinterested to remain credible in their local contexts–a difficult needle to thread.

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Public diplomacy scholars and practitioners should stop conceptualizing the media as mere arenas for soft power efforts.

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Geoff Heriot's book, International Broadcasting and its Contested Role in Australian Statecraft: Middle Power, Smart Power, showcases impressive intellectual breadth.