The Tumultuous Story of Brazil's Soft Power

Brazil is a country full of vibrant culture, but recently international news media have portrayed it in a less-than-positive light. Between the negative coverage of the Rio 2016 Olympics and the controversy associated with Former President Lula, the country has not been recognized as the beacon of soft power it once was.

A new episode from The Brazilian Report's "Explaining Brazil" podcast looks into the reasons behind the country's diminishing soft power. Hosts Gustavo Ribeiro and Ciara Long talk with Daniel Buarque, author of Brasil: País do Precente (Brazil: Country of the Present), about Brazil's fall in the recent Soft Power 30 report and the challenges that lie ahead.

The full podcast is available here.

To learn more about Brazil's soft power, check out the MPD Class of 2014's work on the subject, such as:


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