CPD Director Speaks at Elon, Georgetown Universities

CPD Director Philip Seib spoke to Elon University students and faculty members in Elon, N.C. March 17-18.

During his visit, Seib attended political science and communications classes to participate in student discussions on topics relevant to both fields, including the “Al Jazeera Effect”: Policy Making and New Global Media, Media and the Cold War, Public Diplomacy: Why it Matters, and the Global Journalist.

For more information on Seib’s visit to Elon University, click here.

Seib also participated in Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies’ (CCAS) 2010 Symposium in Washington,D.C. March 22. To view Professor Seib's speech, scroll to the bottom of this page or click here.

At the symposium, which was titled “Information Evolution in the Arab World,” Seib joined three professors from Stanford University, University of London, and University of Erfurt in a panel discussion on Message Control and Civil Society. The two-day symposium also spanned a variety of topics including Media, Religion and Political Culture, Media Wars, and Social Networking and the Arab Blogosphere.

For more information on the CCAS 2010 Symposium, visit the event Web site.

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