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Digital Diplomacy: The Britain-Egypt Connection

John Casson is a British diplomat and former UK Ambassador to Egypt, a post he served from 2014 to 2018. During this time, he connected with millions of Egyptians through his Twitter account, gaining more than 250,000 followers—about one in three of all Twitter users in Egypt.

The video below showcases Casson's digital diplomacy in Egypt on behalf of the UK's Foreign & Commonwealth Office, where he engaged Egyptians through discussions about food and football.

"Here on Twitter we start with what Egyptians are passionate about, what Egyptians are talking about, and then we work to connect that to what we want to say," shares Casson. "That allows us to build an audience and then get to say the tough things with a lot more trust."

The original video can be found on the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office's YouTube channel here.

John Casson: Digital Diplomacy


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