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CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor indicates how AIs, without proper regulation, can pose a series of challenges to public diplomacy.

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CPD Faculty Fellow Corneliu Bjola shares how avatars in digital diplomacy can have the potential to create a significant impact.

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Diplomats and global businesses are slow at adopting social media accounts. BeReal, an app touting authenticity, can be the exception.

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December 15, 2022

CPD hosted a panel on the current and future implications of visual communication in diplomatic messaging.

The latest issue in our scholarly paper series is an article by CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor.

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CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor considers forward-looking perspectives on virtual technologies and PD. 

Get to know CPD’s professional training faculty.

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Jonathan McClory, author of a critical issues report on the future of soft power, discusses the UK's redefined standing in the world.