Just Out: PD Magazine, Winter 2010

PD magazine's Winter 2010 issue is now available online at the magazine's newly redesigned Web site. Changes to the online newsmagazine include a blog offering up-to-date news and commentary in the field of PD.

This "Cultural Diplomacy" edition examines various perspectives on the practice and effectiveness of cultural diplomacy from various public diplomacy scholars. Articles include:

Cosmopolitan Constructivism: Mapping a Road to the Future of Cultural and Public Diplomacy
César Villanueva Rivas

Out from Under the Proscenium: A Paradigm for U.S. Cultural Diplomacy
Peter Kovach

Pop Culture Diplomacy
Kenjiro Monji

Launched in February 2009 and published twice yearly, PD magazine is designed to serve as a forum for views from scholars and practitioners on key concepts in the field of public diplomacy.

PD is edited by members of USC's Association of Public Diplomacy Scholars and published with the support of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy at the Annenberg School and USC College’s School of International Relations.

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