PD Magazine Winter 2016 Issue: Sub-Saharan Africa

Public Diplomacy Magazine (PD Mag) announces the release of its Winter 2016 issue: “Sub-Saharan Africa.” The latest edition is the first regional issue, showcasing the practice and possibilities of public diplomacy in Africa.

Sarah Valeria Salceda, Editor-in-Chief, writes: "The remnants of colonization have created a popular conception of Africa as a continent ravaged by poverty, starvation, and war; a region consistently being aided by the wealthy West. However, the twenty first century has seen a grand stand against this impression."

This issue presents case studies highlighting both the successes and failures of public diplomacy efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa, and features pieces on various forms of film diplomacy, the NBA’s sports diplomacy, and an examination of China’s public diplomacy efforts in sub-Saharan Africa, among other key examples.

The endnote of the 15th issue of PD Mag is a piece written by USC School of International Relations professor Douglas Becker, titled "Justifying Paul Kagame: Genocide, Trauma, Historical Memory & Public Diplomacy" and offers a glimpse into the Summer 2016 issue: "Crisis Diplomacy."




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