USC Annenberg Alumna Joins CPD to Advance PD Research

CPD is pleased to announce that USC Annenberg alumna (MPD, Class of 2015), Sohaela Amiri has joined the Center to advance our public diplomacy research.

In her new role, Amiri will work on CPD-initiated research and consulting projects that entail program evaluation, data analysis and program development. She will also oversee all research-related activities such as the CPD Research Fellowship and Awards programs. 

Concurrently, Amiri is a PhD Candidate at Pardee RAND Graduate School (PRGS) and a PRGS Fellow at the RAND Corporation. Her dissertation tackles the concept and practice of City Diplomacy. 

Architect turned policy analyst, Amiri brings a design-thinking approach to complex problem solving, research, program evaluation and development. As a graduate of USC's Master of Public Diplomacy program, she hopes to bridge the field of policy analysis with public diplomacy. She is mostly interested in the growing role of nonstate & subnational actors in global affairs. Examples include diaspora groups, minorities, cities, NGOs, and immigrants and refugees. Amiri is particularly interested in how these actors gain soft power and influence foreign policies through the use of media, cross-cultural exchange programs and other public diplomacy tools.

"Research and analysis power the Center’s work," said CPD Director Jay Wang. "We are very delighted that Sohaela is joining the team, as we grow our research portfolio and continue our efforts to bridge the study-practice gap in the field of public diplomacy."

"I intend to continue a career as a policy researcher in the field of public diplomacy and international strategic communication," said Amiri. "By joining CPD as a core part of the research team, I intend to contribute to the expansion of CPD’s research activities and taking it to the next level. I look forward to the opportunity to participate in CPD’s research projects; coordinate research-related programs; conduct research and analysis; and pursue research opportunities."

Read Amiri's full bio here.


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