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Public Diplomacy in the News: Olympics at the Louvre, a Dutch Royal Visit to Atlanta, and Diplomatic Tradecraft

Jun 17, 2024


“Public Diplomacy in the News” is a CPD Blog series by Andrew Dubbins that spotlights noteworthy stories on public diplomacy topics such as cultural diplomacy, nation branding, exchange programs, international events and conferences, digital diplomacy, and strategic global communications.

Celebrating sports and culture at the Paris Olympics. The 2024 Paris Summer Olympics will be complemented by a rich Cultural Olympiad featuring over 2,400 events across France, including 663 in Paris alone. Highlights include unique artistic performances, exhibitions, and installations such as the Symfolia music tree supported by Kylian Mbappé, and the "Les Elles des Jeux" exhibition in Nice celebrating women's contributions to the Olympics. Notable events also encompass dance, music, and visual arts, with contributions from renowned artists and institutions. The program offers numerous free cultural experiences, from contemporary art at the Centre Pompidou to historic Olympic exhibits at the Louvre, showcasing the intersection of sports and culture.

Dutch Royal visit to Atlanta strengthens cultural and economic ties. Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima visited Atlanta to promote cultural exchange and trade links, spotlighting the "Dutch Art in a Global Age" exhibition at the High Museum of Art. The visit included stops at significant cultural and historical sites, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church, highlighting Atlanta's rich history. The king emphasized the Netherlands' commitment to learn from its colonial past and build a better future. Highlighting the significance of rap music, the king visited Patchwerk Recording Studios, affirming Atlanta's status as a hub for hip-hop. The visit also aimed to strengthen economic ties, with engagements at Newcold’s automated food-storage facility and discussions with health researchers at the CDC, underscoring a mutual commitment to human rights, social justice, and sustainable development.

Trevor Williams / Global Atlanta

Diplomatic skills essential for effective global relations. Ambassador William Taylor, a vice president at the United States Institute of Peace, introduced a book launch event for "Diplomatic Tradecraft," edited by Nicholas Kralev. During the event, Kralev and other contributors discussed the need for structured training in diplomatic tradecraft, as opposed to the traditional reliance on on-the-job learning. They highlighted essential skills such as empathy, listening, and relationship-building, emphasizing that diplomacy involves nuanced, human interactions that require both formal education and practical experience. The speakers also discussed the crucial importance of improving training programs for diplomats to enhance their effectiveness in managing international relations and promoting their countries' interests.

United States Institute of Peace

Biden Administration champions AI to transform federal services. The Biden administration is actively promoting the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) across a dozen federal research and development agencies to enhance government services, as outlined during the "AI Aspirations" conference organized by the White House’s Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP). Highlighting AI's potential to revolutionize service delivery, officials discussed current and future initiatives aimed at using AI to improve customer services, safeguard data privacy, and advance public sector innovation. With contributions from private sector and academic expertise, the administration is focused on ethical AI deployment, bias mitigation, and fostering seamless and secure interactions between the government and the public. This initiative reflects a broader vision to leverage AI for public good, ensuring equitable service delivery and maintaining public trust through responsible technology use.

Jory Heckman / Federal News Network

Summer Olympics resources from the National Archives vault. In advance of the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, France (July 26 to August 11), the National Archives compiled a collection of resources from past Summer Olympic Games, including photos documenting U.S. participation in the Games, military involvement during the 1984 Olympics, and notable athletes like Carl Lewis and Jim Thorpe. The collection also features educational resources, video archives, and blog entries related to past Olympic events and luminaries.

National Archives



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