CPD Professional Education Open House

Virtual Q&A to learn about our PD training programs

Thinking about building your capacities in the practice of public diplomacy and global communications? CPD is opening the doors and holding two virtual open houses to answer your questions about our innovative education programs and how they can enrich your professional goals.

Moderated by CPD’s Assistant Director Stacy Ingber these virtual open houses present background on the Center's PD training academy which offers intensive learning in digital skills and strategic thinking, and a peer network. For over 16 years, CPD has been the go-to program for public diplomats and international communication professionals looking to sharpen their skillsets and analytical capabilities essential for success in today’s complex environment.

Our programs are fast-paced, forward-looking, and will guide you through your work towards strategic goals as we launch our Spring Calendar and start our plans for the Summer offerings.

Please bring your questions about how participating in one of our public diplomacy educational programs can fit into your goals and to becoming one of our 500+ global alumni.

Please select a session below by putting your initials in the requested field.

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