Transforming Data Into Insights for PD Strategy

CPD Mini-Course

CPD returns to Washington, D.C. for a three-day training program December 10-12, 2018. “Transforming Data Into Insights for Public Diplomacy Strategy” is essential for today's public diplomat looking for a more robust toolkit.

We have over 13 years of experience in public diplomacy professional training, which is tailored toward those who wish to develop their leadership skills through a knowledge base of innovative and creative new resources.

The goal of this compact training program is for participants to build campaign frameworks in an age of information abundance. Modules include how to gather and extract relevant quality data and drive insights for better planning, as well as methods to effectively employ storytelling to demonstrate and advance data insights for strategy.

Course material will combine time-tested methods and technology-driven tools in data collection and analysis.

Past participants have included individuals from the U.S. Department of State, AFRICOM, Global Affairs Canada, United Nations, the World Bank, Korea Foundation, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Australia, the Netherlands, India, Israel, China, Japan, Mexico, Qatar, Tunisia, UK, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, among others.

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