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Nick Cull and Simon Anholt continue their discussion on the 2020 Nation Brands Index results. 

Simon Anholt and Nick Cull discuss the latest results from the Nation Brands Index. 

November 25, 2020

Robert Banks summarizes findings from a city diplomacy roundtable sponsored by CPD.

Communications strategist with the National News Bureau of Thailand and MPD Alum Silada Rojratanakiat discusses Thailand's efforts to bolster its image by leveraging its handling of COVID-19, and she advocates for Thailand joining the hunt for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Ilan Manor discusses key events that have guided the trajectory of digital technology use in diplomacy.

A comprehensive picture of U.S.-Georgia relations can only be provided if the public diplomacy component is not downplayed. Georgians listen to Louis Armstrong, read Ernest Hemingway and watch George Lukas movies. They like being taught by Peace Corps volunteers at schools to excel in American English skills. They praise the U.S' support to Georgia, which ranges from rebuilding education institutions and infrastructure to economic, trade, or defense cooperation. But is U.S.

TV and Media

Dan Robinson examines the future of the U.S. Agency for Global Media under the next presidential administration. 

Valerie Samoilova analyzes the successes of Ukraine's public diplomacy efforts.   



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