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There is growing interest across Africa in AI, with its potential to drive economic growth, create jobs and empower communities.

Photo of Foxconn display board by Strubbl via Wikimedia Commons

India's Padma Awards may encourage cooperation between Indian and Taiwanese companies such as Foxconn.

Image of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia by agnormark via Canva

The article explores Mongolia’s current foreign policy stances, recent achievements, and how to improve them.

People shaking hands against a digital background, created via Canva

CPD Research Fellow and Assistant Professor at the University of Copenhagen, Kristin Anabel Eggeling, discusses diplomacy amid digitalization and technological change.

Citizen Diplomacy is the belief that all people have the right, even the responsibility, to engage in international relations through learning, listening, and building trusting relationships.

Photo of the flags of the Western Balkan countries by Arman Fazlic via Canva

Heightened public diplomacy efforts from China, Türkiye, and Russia are significantly influencing regional dynamics in the Western Balkans, Europe's "powder keg."

Image of a man climbing towards a door to AI by elnur via Canva

In the post-truth era, public diplomacy counters online falsehoods and promotes compelling digital narratives for one's own truth.

Image of Pakistan and United States flags by Oleksii Liskonih via Canva

In retrospect, U.S. public diplomacy efforts in Pakistan have become a delicate balancing act, intricately tied to its strategic interests in the South Asian region, writes Dr. Bilal Zubair of National Defence University, Islamabad.



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