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How governments handle the news

The Economist
Arab interior ministers have gathered quietly, every winter for the past 25 years, to talk about how better to secure the regimes they serve. At this year's summit, in Tunis, the security chiefs agreed to toughen rules on publishing, recording or distributing material that might promote terrorism. A worthy goal, surely, except that the region's authorities have a habit of defining as crimes the kind of things their critics would deem legitimate dissent.


Professor: Separation of religion and state ‘key to tolerance’

Do you think 'Islamophobia' in Europe is a new phenomenon, or is it something embedded deep in European history?


US Public Diplomacy Nominee to Counter Extremist Islamic Views

President Bush's choice to head U.S. public diplomacy programs says he will work to ensure that the United States is able to aggressively counter Islamic extremist messages.


UN to create $100 mil film fund

The Alliance of Civilizations Media Fund will support the production and distribution of films "that entertain as well as enlighten," according to Queen Noor, and "will enhance the connections that already exist between different societies but are seldom noted onscreen and in popular culture." U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told delegates from 63 countries that he hoped the fund would help "counter ugly stereotypes in popular culture."


AFRICOM Threatens the Sovereignty, Independence and Stability of the African Continent

The National Conference of Black Lawyers (NCBL) concludes that the mission of Africa Command (Africom) infringes on the sovereignty of African states due to the particularity of Africa’s history and Africa’s current economic and political relationship to the United States.


Into Africa Without a Map

The Pentagon has established a new command for the African continent, known as AFRICOM, but it doesn't yet have a plan for where it will be based or even a clear statement of its role- it's a headquarters in search of a mission.



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