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The Persian Gulf Primary

In an effort to escape the thrilling claustrophobia of the presidential campaign, I took a busman's holiday and spent Presidents' Day weekend at the U.S.-Islamic World Forum in Doha. But there, too, our campaign was pretty much what everyone was talking about. "Excuse me, Mr. Joe," a confrere from Qatar asked, "what's a superdelegate?" An Iranian businessman told me that "Obamamania" was sweeping the America-loving young people of Tehran.


Why We’ll Play Pyongyang

Wall Street Journal
If all goes well, the presence of the New York Philharmonic in Pyongyang might gently influence the perception of our country there. If we are gradually to improve U.S.-Korean relations, such events have the potential to nudge open a door that has been closed too long.


Global Views on Castro and Cuba

Pew Research Center
While Americans have an overwhelmingly negative view of Castro, attitudes in many Latin American countries are far more favorable to the longtime Cuban leader.

Tags: castro, cuba, united states, public opinion

In Africa, Bush touts aid efforts, basks in popularity

The Christian Science Monitor
"America is very good at [public] diplomacy," says Gasana Mutesi, president of Amani Africa, a Rwandan nongovernmental organization that helps street kids pay their school fees. "Americans try to include themselves in the society, especially young Americans."


Mr. President, Don’t Forget Iran

The Wall Street Journal
Consider, then, the "public diplomacy" impact of a serious public offer to Iran, made through international media and from the podium (so often usurped by the clownish Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) of the United Nations.

Tags: iran, united states, united nations, mahmoud ahmadinejad

PSYOP, Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. Information Warfare Without Limits

Global Research
One major question remains; are there any limits to information warfare?


EU multilingualism strategy to focus on language learning

Encouraging European citizens to learn two foreign languages should be the basis of the EU's new multilingualism strategy due in September, concluded a ministerial conference last Friday (15 February).


Afro Valentine in Budapest

The aim of the event which is the first of its kind in Hungary, according to Mr. Daniel Israel, the President of Afromopicx, is to provide an environment where married couples could have fun, deepen their relationship, and especially promote multicultural event.

Tags: africa, hungary, marriage


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