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Small Men on Campus

America does not have a regional problem, it has a national one. It is less about which statues stay up in the South than which prejudices fall nationwide. And that will, in turn, determine how we deserve to be seen in the world.

Tags: united states, global image, public opinion, Donald Trump, charlottesville protests, republican party

#PutinShirtlessChallenge: Ripped Russians Heed Call for Topless Torsos

Thousands of Russians have paid homage to Vladimir Putin, some with tongue in cheek, after the Russian president was photographed topless enjoying the Siberian summer. [...] Men, women and children across Russia and elsewhere answered the call from Durov, who is reported to be living abroad after repeated clashes with the authorities.

Tags: digital diplomacy, virtual campaign, #PutinShirtlessChallenge, vladimir putin, russia, vkontakte

A Hunger Games and Twilight Theme Park is in the Works

On Tuesday (August 15), Lionsgate announced that it will be opening its first branded outdoor theme park at Jeju Shinhwa World, South Korea. [...] In a statement, Lionsgate Chief Executive Officer Jon Feltheimer said: "We're pleased to partner with our friends at Landing International, one of Asia's premier developers, on our first branded outdoor theme park and one of our largest and most exciting location-based entertainment destinations.

Tags: cooperation, nation brand, lionsgate, jeju shinhwa world, south korea, twilight, hunger games

Queen of Bahrain to Visit India for India-Bahrain Art Exchange

Rouble Nagi Art Foundation and Kaneka Sabharwal are teaming up to showcase a first of its kind art initiative supported by the Government Of India, welcoming international contemporary artists and connecting creative enthusiasts from India and Bahrain through an unparalleled exchange programme of artist interventions.

Tags: Cultural Diplomacy, art exchange, bahrain, india, contemporary art, exchange program

Making the Foreign Familiar: Cultural Relations

As emotion is a powerful source of engagement, arts and culture may be the best weapon we have to nurture collective empathy through revealing and embodying emotional truth, based on understanding each other at a deeper level.

Tags: soft power, cultural relations, Cultural Diplomacy, art, globalization, soft power 30

Turkey Facilitates Syrians’ Hajj Pilgrimage

Syrians’ Hajj pilgrimage to the sacred Islamic cities of Madinah and Makkah in Saudi Arabia has begun via Turkey. [...] “Seemingly small, people-centric policies will create big impacts for Turkey’s long-term engagement in the region.”

Tags: faciliation, turkey, syrian refugees, Hajj, engagement, makkah, turkish aid

UAE to Spread Eid Joy Among Yemenis

“Eid gifts, clothes, sacrificial meat, and cash and gift vouchers will be distributed to families of the Yemeni martyrs and the injured, as part of the UAE’s initiatives to bring joy to the Yemeni people,” Dr Mohammad Atiq Al Falahi, secretary-general of the Emirates Red Crescent, told a news conference.

Tags: international aid, eid, uae, yemen, emirates red crescent, clothing, gifts

Landlocked Armenia Looks to Ed Tech for Country's Future

Leading Armenian health and education NGOs are driving forward a progressive educational technology strategy to rethink development in this lower middle-income, south Caucasus country: Infuse creative, technology-centered education into the classroom to provide youth with adaptable work and life skillsets, and boost their chances of finding jobs in their hometowns, or within Armenia.

Tags: nation branding, technology hub, digital diplomacy & new tech, armenia, education technology, development


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