Transformational Diplomacy and Indonesia

Principal Investigator:
Suzie Sri Suparin S. SudarmanCPD-SIF Southeast Asia Research Fellow

I shall attempt to observe the implementation of transformational diplomacy initiatives in Indonesia. The Bush and Obama administrations developed and used particularly what presidents before them have considered using. In this case it is which "tools on the table" that have been used, and which they would not, and to what extent they have felt constrained in maximizing their utilization. How have these tools been used up to now?  How did President Bush and Obama use them in Indonesia and what can we see from those uses?  How did Indonesia respond?  How well did these "diplomatic tools" work in the case of Indonesia?

This study will utilize some elements that originated from the process tracing method and text analysis. I shall study documents, and interviews of the actors involved in Washington DC. Such as former U.S. Ambassadors to Indonesia: Ralph Leo Boyce; B. Lynn Pascoe; Cameron R. Hume; Scot A. Marciel; Robert O. Blake; Joseph R. Donovan Jr. And I shall attempt to learn about congressional involvement in the implementation of transformational diplomacy.

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