Public Diplomacy Evaluation & Impact Assessment

Accurately evaluating public diplomacy activities continues to prove challenging to practitioners around the world. CPD intends to conceptualize PD evaluation as an integral part of strategic planning and provide analytic tools to assist those conducting public diplomacy. We will also define what is measurable and not measurable for policy-making purposes.

CPD Publications, Analysis, & Multimedia

Citizen Diplomacy is the belief that all people have the right, even the responsibility, to engage in international relations through learning, listening, and building trusting relationships.

December 4, 2022

From Los Angeles to Dubai, CPD explores what makes for effective public diplomacy and develops strategies to increase its impact.

Ecosystem image by TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay

CPD Research Fellow Ian Thomas outlines an integrated, long-term evaluation toolbox for soft power & PD activities.

The latest issue of CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy demonstrates the use and value of an integrated country image measurement instrument

The latest issue of CPD Perspectives is an article by CPD Research Fellow Alexander Buhmann & co-author Erich J. Sommerfeldt of the University of Maryland.


Ian Thomas, the British Council's Head of Evaluation for the Arts and CPD Research Fellow, 2018-20, discusses the value of arts showcasing to soft power.

Why social listening is a critical tool for managing a country's image. 

A new paper by 2015-17 CPD Research Fellow Barbora Maronkova on NATO's public diplomacy evaluation & measurement.

Measuring Tools

Katherine Brown delves into the importance of evaluating public diplomacy and offers advice on how to do so.

This discussion paper addresses common challenges in analyzing Twitter advocacy campaigns.

Read the summary of the International Advocacy in the Digital Age workshop with recommendations from Canada, Israel, Mexico and the United States.

On September 16, the U.S. ACPD released a study on public diplomacy and impact evaluation.

Former CPD Public Diplomat-in-Residence Robert Banks offers some insight on the scope and status of the field of public diplomacy evaluation.

In the most recent issue of CPD's Perspectives on Public Diplomacy, Mark Smith discusses "The Kosovo Conflict: U.S. Diplomacy and Western Public Opinion," paying particular attention to public diplomacy strategies.

 Deirdre Kline - Middle East Broadcasting Networks (U.S. government source)

CPD releases An Evaluation of Alhurra Television Programming, a multi-method evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of Alhurra's news broadcasting to the Middle East.

Events, Conferences & Workshops

Do high level visits by national leaders boost public approval among foreign citizens? Explore the question in a research presentation from our CPD archives.

A mini-course to develop proficiency in analyzing and integrating a variety of data to create impactful public diplomacy strategies and programs. 

Global Affairs Canada and CPD jointly hosted a program in Ottawa on PD and  advocacy evaluation by foreign ministries and international organizations.

Let's Get DiploDigital

CPD shared experiences of Digital Diplomacy with foreign ministries of Italy, UK, EU and Canada.

I am Diplomacy - Global Ties U.S. National Meeting

CPD partnered with Global Ties U.S. to offer a special workshop

CPD and the Embassy of Canada to Italy jointly hosted a program in Rome on international advocacy efforts by European countries.

December 21, 2015

NATO explored how today’s unpredictable security environment impacts public diplomacy.

This unique three-day program equipped participants with working knowledge of research and analytical tools needed to develop and implement successful public diplomacy programs.

This CPD co-sponsored panel at the Pacific Council on International Policy's spring conference explored how foreign ministries are practicing international advocacy.

CPD in DC hosted this panel discussion with the foreign ministries of Canada, Israel, Mexico and the United States.

As part of its research initiatives, CPD hosted a series of discussions with researchers and practitioners to conceptualize PD evaluation.

Related CPD Research Projects

Principal Investigator:
Ian Thomas, CPD Research Fellow 2018-20

The goal of this project is to gain critical insights into the drivers and barriers of M&E-related behavior of practitioners in the PD domain.

This research project studied how Twitter is being used in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as a form of digital diplomacy. 

Assessment and evaluation of public diplomacy remains an undeveloped study area. Governments, institutions and international organizations continue to struggle in defining the right approach to evaluate the impact of their programs on their audiences.

Governments face a lack of resources to meet citizen demands and collective interests at home and abroad. This project is designed to expand efforts to evaluate current policy to engage with and invest in projects with diaspora organizations, aka “diaspora diplomacy.”

November 10, 2009

This project has examined extant research on the topic of public diplomacy evaluation. It focused on various approaches to evaluation taken by the private sector, especially in the field of public relations, and by foreign governments (the UK in particular). 

An Evaluation of Alhurra Television Programming is a multi-method evaluation of the quality and effectiveness of Alhurra's news broadcasting to the Middle East.