About the CPD Research Fellowship Program

In August 2009, the Center launched a new fellowship program designed to support and publicize the work of scholars and practitioners of public diplomacy. Selected from a competitive pool of international applicants by a review committee, the CPD Research Fellows will each oversee a substantive research project that will yield at least two outputs, including one publication for the CPD Perspectives on Public Diplomacy series. The second output could consist of a blog series for the CPD Blog, or another type of product which the Fellow develops with CPD. Three non-resident fellows will be named every year, each serving a two-year term. The selected candidates will each receive a $2,000 stipend awarded at the successful completion of the fellowship.

We will begin accepting applications for the 2022-24 fellowship term this summer through the deadline to apply, November 16, 2021. Selection will be made by early 2022. If you have any questions, please contact CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri: soamiri@usc.edu with "ATTN: CPD Research Fellowship Application" in the subject line.

*Please note that USC students and faculty are ineligible for the CPD Research Fellowship.

Current CPD Research Fellows

Kyle Long
CPD Research Fellow, 20222024
Senior Director, Organizational Strategy & Change, Northwestern University
CPD Project: “Greater American Higher Education”

Dmitry Chernobrov
CPD Research Fellow, 20222024
Associate Professor, Department of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield
CPD Project: "Strategic Humor and Post-Truth Public Diplomacy"

Alina Dolea
CPD Research Fellow, 20222024
Principal Academic in Media, Communication and Politics, Bournemouth University
CPD Project: "Diaspora diplomacy, emotions and disruption" 

Elisabeth King
CPD Research Fellow, 20212023
Associate Professor of International Education and Politics, New York University
CPD Project: "Symbolic Politics for Peace."

Shearon Roberts
CPD Research Fellow, 20212023
Associate Professor of Mass Communication, Xavier University of Louisiana
CPD Project: "City Diplomacy in Advancing Black Racial Solidarity: Opportunities and Implications in the Wake of Social Justice Movements."

Yoav Dubinsky
CPD Research Fellow, 20212023
Instructor of Sports Business, University of Oregon
CPD Project: "Sport-Tech Diplomacy in the Tokyo Olympic Games."


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