Revisit CPD's e-Book ahead of this week's Trump-Xi Jinping summit.

See who else is leading and who's falling behind.

SI Alum Leslie Thomas has been selected as one of six leaders in the field of community arts to receive a 2015 National Guild Milestone Certificate of Appreciation.

USA Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 by César Corona

CPD interviews two American student ambassadors at the Expo Milan 2015.

Shanghai at night

A new publication on city diplomacy from Charhar, Clingendael, and IFCR.

CPD is looking to hire an experienced USC student intern to assist with our public relations and marketing. Responsibilities include:

CPD seeks to advance and enrich the study and practice of public diplomacy through its research, professional education, and public engagement.

Protesters in Ferguson, MO.

Seib weighs in on "the U.S. Image Problem."