2nd Edition of the Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy Out Now

Since the 2008 release of the first edition of this encyclopedic guide, the landscape, technologies and best practices of public diplomacy have evolved. Now, so too has the Routledge Handbook of Public Diplomacy.

The second edition of this comprehensive work was edited by Nancy Snow (Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University) and Nicholas Cull (USC Master of Public Diplomacy Founding Director, CPD Faculty Fellow). Parts one through four retain their expert authors (many of whom belong to the CPD community) who contributed revised content for the new edition. It now also boasts 16 global case studies and ten new authors.

The link to purchase the book can be found here.

Table of Contents

1. Rethinking Public Diplomacy in the 2020s - Nancy Snow
2. Public Diplomacy Before Gullion: The Evolution of a Phrase - Nicholas J. Cull

Part 1: The Scope of Public Diplomacy: Key Practices
3. The Spectrum of Listening - Luigi Di Martino
4. Cultural Diplomacy - Patricia Goff
5. Exchange Programs and Public Diplomacy - Giles Scott-Smith
6. International Broadcasting: Public Diplomacy as a Game in a Marketplace of Loyalties - Phillip Arceneaux and Shawn Powers
7. Public Diplomacy Evaluation - Bob Banks

Part 2: Public Diplomacy Applications
8. Arts Diplomacy: The Neglected Aspect of Cultural Diplomacy - John Brown
9. Operationalizing Public Diplomacy - Matthew C. Armstrong
10. Communication Logics of Global Public Diplomacy - R.S. Zaharna
11. The Nexus of U.S. Public Diplomacy and Citizen Diplomacy - Sherry Lee Mueller
12. Crisis and Narrative - Vivian S. Walker
13. Country Branding: A Practitioner Perspective - Florian Kaefer
14. The Changing Nature of Nation Branding: Implications for Public Diplomacy - Keith Dinnie and Efe Sevin

Part 3: Public Diplomacy and Persuasion
15. Tactics of Social Influence for Use in International Conflicts - Anthony Pratkanis
16. Credibility and Public Diplomacy - Robert H. Gass and John S. Seiter
17. The Primacy-of-Culture in Influence: A Dissenting View - Kelton Rhoads

Part 4: Case Studies in Public Diplomacy
18. The United Nations’ Celebrity-Driven Public Diplomacy: Causes, Critiques and Trajectories - Andrew F. Cooper
19. Diplomacy and Culture in the European Union Global Strategy - Jerome Gygax
20. A Guide to Gastrodiplomacy - Paul Rockower
21. Diaspora and Diplomacy - Liam Kennedy
22. The World Expo and Nation Branding - CPD Director Jay Wang
23. UNESCO Approaches to Public Diplomacy - Marylene Gervais

Part 5: Global Approaches to Public Diplomacy
24. Four Seasons in One Day: The Crowded House of PD in the UK - Ali Fisher
25. German Public Diplomacy: Translating Domestic Discourses of Modernity and Culture, Past and Present - Oliver Zöllner
26. Public Diplomacy à la française - Frederic Charillon
27. Japan’s Public Diplomacy - Tadashi Ogawa
28. Communicating Confidence: China’s Public Diplomacy - Gary D. Rawnsley
29. Historical Memory and Public Diplomacy: The Case of Russia - Douglas Becker
30. Australian Public Diplomacy - Naren Chitty
31. Populism and Public Diplomacy: The Case of India - Daya Kishan Thussu
32. Korea’s Public Diplomacy - Ambassador Enna Park
33. Israel: Countering Brandjacking - Eytan Gilboa
34. The Brazilian Approach to Public Diplomacy - Augusto Pestana
35. Turkey’s Public Diplomacy In Flux: From Proactive to Reactive Communication - Senem Çevik
36. African Public Diplomacy: Between Deficiences and Potential - Bob Wekesa
37. Public Diplomacy in Latin America: An Emerging Field of Practice? - Daniel Aguirre
38. Nation Branding in the Arab World - Tal Samuel-Azran

Part 6: Fresh Perspectives in Public Diplomacy
39. Ethics and Social Issues - Foad Izadi and Richard Nelson
40. Digital Public Diplomacy - Corneliu Bjola, Jennifer Cassidy, Ilan Manor
41. Corporate Diplomacy - Candace L. White
42. Exchanges as Good Propaganda - Nancy Snow
43. Public Diplomacy and Development Communication: Two Sides of the Same Coin? - James Pamment
44. Gay Rights are Human Rights: LGBTI Equality and U.S. Public Diplomacy - Laura Belmonte
45. The Continuing Promise of the Noösphere and Noöpolitik: Twenty Years After - David Ronfeldt and John Arquilla



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