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As part of its commitment to building the academic field of public diplomacy, CPD will award $2,500 to an emerging scholar engaged in cutting-edge research on public diplomacy.

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Nguyen Le of University of Nottingham, Ningbo explains that more needs to be done for the South Korean government to establish BTS as a PD asset.

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Soft power publications tend to over- or solely rely on Nye’s work. It is time to break this vicious cycle.

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CPD Research Fellow Ilan Manor indicates how AIs, without proper regulation, can pose a series of challenges to public diplomacy.

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CPD Blog contributor Jorge Marinho discusses the concept of influence operations and what it means to a country's ontological security.

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CPD Faculty Fellow Corneliu Bjola shares how avatars in digital diplomacy can have the potential to create a significant impact.

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Diplomats and global businesses are slow at adopting social media accounts. BeReal, an app touting authenticity, can be the exception.

Carla Cabrera Cuadrado presents her model the Golden Circle of Public Diplomacy at the SIETAR Europa Congress 2022 in La Valletta, Malta. Image courtesy of SIETAR Europa

The Golden Circle of Public Diplomacy is a new paradigm in PD literature that introduces a moral purpose and cultural awareness.