Afghan Music at Davos

Zohra, Afghanistan's first all-female orchestra, performed a concert in front of world leaders at the closing of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 20. Under the direction of Negina Khpalwak, herself the country's first female conductor, the group performed parts of Beethoven's 9th Symphony alongside popular Afghan pieces such as "Watan Jan" (Dear Homeland).

Zohra was created at the suggestion of a young female student at the Afghanistan National Institute of Music. The school’s director, Ahmad Naser Sarmast, has called the group a “beacon of hope” in the face of hostile opposition by the Taliban and their sympathizers. Zohra's career continues in the face of discrimination and even death threats in their home country, showcasing Afghan music and culture to the world.

You can listen to the group's Davos concert here.

Davos 2017 - Leadership beyond Borders The Afghan Womens Orchestra "Zohra"


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