From Afro-Peru to the World

Much of Peru's cultural legacy is owed to the country's rich African roots.

Since reappraisal of Afro-Peruvian roots during the 1970s, the international music circuit has been been fascinated by the sounds coming from Southern Peru—specifically from the musical house of the Ballumbrosio family in the district of El Carmen.

Below is the short documentary Afro-Peruvian Beats, produced by Red Bull Music Academy, which showcases Afro-Peruvian music along with the musicians keeping the tradition alive.

"The house has become a kind of pilgrimage because people from all over the world come to visit. People who visit us go on as spokespeople of all that we have and exists here in El Carmen," explains Miguel Ballumbrosio in the film.

Combining old sounds with new, the documentary features novel musical collaborations between Afro-Peruvian musicians and electronic artists from Chile and Portugal.

The original video can be on Red Bull Music Academy's YouTube channel here.

Afro-Peruvian Beats Documentary | Red Bull Music Academy


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