America's Student Ambassadors at the World Expo

As Expo 2020 Dubai grows closer, we're delighted to share some of CPD's work at past expos highlighting the role of student ambassadors who bring visibility to American culture through in-person connections.

The USA Pavilion Student Ambassador Program has a long history, and CPD captured interviews at the 2015 Milan Expo and the 2010 Shanghai Expo with some of these young American spokespeople.

Take a look:

Alyssa Cassidy, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion (Milan 2015)

"I grew up in America, I grew up on a farm, and I know what I believe. But I also know that a lot of people have opinions that are different from mine," says Cassidy. "I start off with personal stories to connect them with my farm back in Missouri. I ask them what they want to know, what they're curious about."

Michael Brown, Student Ambassador, USA Pavilion (Milan 2015)

"It's hard being an American trying to explain about the United States here [in Italy]," says Brown. "I [ask]: 'When you think of the United States, what comes to mind?' A lot of people say, 'Oh, you all eat hamburgers and hot dogs, fast food.' But I say, 'the United States, it's a melting pot. There's so much diversity.'"

Peter Winter (MPD '10), Program Officer, USA Pavilion (Shanghai 2010)

"One thing that's very unique about the U.S. Pavilion is we have the human element, human touch, due to the students' presence," says Winter. (Read Winter's short essay, "The USA Pavilion's Human Element" here.)

Luke Mohr and Nina Kuo, Student Ambassadors, USA Pavilion (Shanghai 2010)

"Every Chinese person I interact with is a possibility to give them a positive perspective on the U.S.," says Mohr.

Luke Mohr welcomes guests in Chinese

Learn more about nation branding at the 2015 Milan Expo here and at the 2010 Shanghai Expo here.


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