Bitter Harvest: The Holodomor on Screen

The Holodomor, a famine engineered by Joseph Stalin against the Ukrainian people from 1932-1933, remains a little-known historical event despite remaining a point of contention between Ukraine and Russia. Now, director George Mendeluk and producer Ian Ihnatowycz are bringing the narrative to wider audiences with the upcoming film Bitter Harvest, slated to hit theaters starting February 24, 2017.

The sweeping historical drama tells the story of a romance between a young Ukrainian couple torn apart by the starvation. The film's team hopes that Bitter Harvest can bring global attention to a suppressed chapter in history. As Ihnatowycz has stated, “Given the importance of what happened, and that few outside Ukraine knew about it because it had been covered up, the story of this genocide needed to be told. It's relevant today."

The trailer can be viewed here.

BITTER HARVEST Official Trailer (2017) Max Irons, Samantha Barks Movie


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