Building "Bridges" with the U.S.: Saudi Arabia's Cultural Exchange Program

The "Bridges" exchange program from the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture seeks to create links between Saudi Arabia and the United States. According to WNYC's The Takeaway host Todd Zwillich, the goal of this exchange program is “to bring a number of young Saudi professionals to the United States; set up talks, performances and events; and project an image of Saudi modernity to the world.”

As a part of this program, rapper Qusai Kheder (also known as Don Legend the Kamelion) is currently in the United States to share his music and to be a cultural ambassador for his country.

Check out Kheder's interview with The Takeaway, and listen as Zwillich talks with the former contributing editor for Arab Media & Society about Saudi Arabia’s soft power campaign, which includes funding think tanks in addition to exchange programs.

The full podcast is available here on the WNYC website.