CPD Director Quoted in Article on Brazilian News Site Zero Hora

CPD Director Philip Seib was quoted on the need to reframe how the world views Al Qaeda in a Zero Hora article.

The article discusses Al Qaeda recruiting efforts in non-Arabic speaking countries through online video postings and publications such as Inspire, a magazine targeted at English speaking Muslim youth to join a violent jihadi movement. Seib has previously discussed Al Qaeda and how it is utilizing new media to engage with the public for new recruits in Global Terrorism and New Media, co-authored by Dana M. Janbek.

The following are direct quotes from the article:

A Al-Qaeda se tornou "uma empresa de informação", destacou Philip Seib, professor da Universidade da Califórnia, autor do livro Global Terrorism and New Media. [Al Qaeda has become an information enterprise, says Philip Seib, professor at the University of Southern California and author of the book "Global Terrorism and New Media."]

— É necessário que deixemos de considerar a Al-Qaeda como uma organização terrorista que utiliza a informação, para vê-la melhor como uma empresa de informação que recorre ao terrorismo — argumentou Seib. [It's necessary that we stop considering Al Qaeda as a terrorist organization that utilizes information, to better view it as an information enterprise that resorts to/appeals to terrorism," argues Seib.]

To read the article in its entirety in Brazilian Portuguese, click here.

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