Diplomacy in the Digital Age: A Clingendael Report

Brian Hocking and Jan Melissen, research fellows at the Netherlands Institute of International Relations, "Clingendael," have written a comprehensive report on the field and functionality of digital diplomacy. Their publication, Diplomacy in the Digital Age, was published by the Clingendael Institute July 13, 2015. In their report, the authors assess the impact of digitalization on diplomacy, looking specifically at how the digital landscape is reshaping domestic and international policy environments. From issues of public trust to information accuracy and timeliness, the authors analyze public diplomacy in the 21st century's multifaceted information environment. The authors contend that while digital diplomacy is often equated with social media, its scope is in fact a "mix of 'online' and 'offline' diplomatic activities" contingent upon the issues, actors and interests involved. Three case studies—the Iran nuclear negotiations; the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA); and the Prevention of Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative—showcase the different applications of digital diplomacy to both the "diplomatic process and the national machinery of diplomacy."

The full report is available here


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