Kichwa Hatari: A Revival on the Airwaves

Kichwa, a regional variant of Quechua and the language of the indigenous Ecuadorian Kichwas, has been declared an endangered language by UNESCO. But on the streets of the Bronx, Kichwa is seeing a revival. Founded in 2014 by Charlie Uruchima, Segundo Angamarca, Fabian Muenala, and Renzo Moyano, "Kichwa Hatari" (Raising Kichwa) is the first radio show in the U.S. to broadcast in the language.

Through a mixture of cultural programming, a language learning segment, and offline community activism, the show works to promote Kichwa culture and empower the community.“We’ve seen some changes,” Segundo Angamarca states. “Many of us were afraid to state whom we are, but now, in the streets, in trains, in restaurants, people are speaking in Kichwa. Women dress in traditional clothes. There’s not that fear anymore.”

The show is available for streaming here, and you can watch an interview with hosts Charlie and Segundo below.

Segundo and Charlie, hosts of Kichwa Hatari, radio program in Quechua in NYC


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