Learning in a Global Context: Education Diplomacy

Esther Ntuli and Arnold Nyarambi, professors at Idaho State University and East Tennessee State University, respectively, have published a new article on early childhood education. Their article, Learning in a Global Context: Education Diplomacy in Primary Grade Content Preparation, appeared in the March/April 2015 issue of Childhood Education. As the authors observe, “given the reality of globalization, there is a need for education diplomacy to focus on preparing versatile individuals (from an early age), who can adapt to changing circumstances and are able to negotiate their way in the global community.” In turn, the authors propose that early childhood education programs should emphasize several key diplomacy lessons, including the ability to communicate messages clearly and effectively; the ability to negotiate and reach consensus with others; and the ability to engage and participate in hands-on experiences such as study abroad, volunteer and/or virtual exchange programs, as all of those skills are essential to the development of socially and culturally competent global citizens and leaders. 

The full article is available here


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