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Image of Turkish flag by berkay08 via Canva

The Hizmet project is a private educational initiative and diplomacy instrument that has morphed from a point of pride for the Turkish government into a threat.

By connecting American graduates with English-teaching opportunities in Vietnam, schoolbird facilitates cross-pollination of language, culture and community. 

Eriks Varpahovskis provides an overview of the diverse range of Korean educational institutions and programs throughout Central Asia.

Open Society Foundations shares a video discussing its Roma initiatives for International Roma Day.

August 7, 2018

Assessing the history and impact of Canadian education diplomacy efforts.

Polish diplomat Katarzyna Rybka-Iwańska shares her experience teaching an academic course on public diplomacy in Warsaw.

CPD Dissertation Grantee Kyle Long is featured in a new book on the globalization of American liberal arts education.

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