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Innovative education ideas reap rewards and awards in Kenya and Ghana - learning world

A look at the power of education diplomacy to make a significant difference to local communities and individuals around the world.

This article evaluates three perceived public diplomacy outcomes related to education-based international exchanges.

The American Democracy Project, a national initiative that has chapters on many college campuses, aims to prepare college graduates to be knowledgeable, engaged citizens in their communities, according to the official ADP website. The project is a partnership between The New York Times and the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

Every year, about 120 students in the National University of Singapore (NUS) are busy preparing for the biggest student production in campus: NUANSA Cultural Productions. It is an annual show which was started as a humble initiative in 2008 by a group of Indonesian students in NUS, aiming to showcase the diverse and rich Indonesian culture to the Singaporean community. 

With bilateral trade between India and China reaching around $70 billion in the last fiscal, interest in Hindi language has surged in the dragon land.

Educating learners in cultural diplomacy provides them with the unique ability to influence the attitudes and ideologies of individuals and cultures, thus accelerating the realisation of cultural diversity, global intercultural interchange, justice, interdependence, human rights and global peace. 

Program Prepares Young Refugees for NYC Schools

New York City public schools are partnering with the International Rescue Committee to help refugee youth transition to their new lives.