Most-Read Blogs of 2019

What did the public diplomacy conversation look like in 2019? To ring in 2020, we took a look at your favorite CPD Blog posts for the year:


Cultural Diplomacy: Bridging the Study-Practice Gap

By Lynda Jessup

Jessup announces the North American Cultural Diplomacy Initiative (NACDI)'s new partnership to advance the study of cultural diplomacy.


Cities Will Determine the Future of Diplomacy

By Nina Hachigian

Ambassador Hachigian examines how urban centers can take international relations into their own hands. This piece was originally published by Foreign PolicyTake a look back at this year's second LA Summit on City Diplomacy, produced by CPD in partnership with the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of International Affairs.


Exploring Arts, Evaluation, Soft Power and Cultural Relations

By CPD Research Fellow (2018-2020) Ian Thomas

Thomas, the British Council's Head of Evaluation for the Arts, discusses the value of arts showcasing for soft power.


Peoplomacy vs. Diplomacy: The Diplomatic Evolution

By Past CPD Visiting Scholar Kwang-jin Choi

Choi sheds light on the value of "people's diplomacy" for South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Read Choi's related article in CPD Perspectives here.


Social Listening: A Tool for Public Diplomacy Organizations

By Ida Grundel and Jacob Stenberg

Grundel and Stenberg discuss why social listening is a critical tool for managing a country's image. 


Thailand's Integrated Public Diplomacy in Mozambique

By Seksan Anantasirikiat

Anantasirikiat examines how (and why) Thailand seeks to be looked upon favorably by Mozambicans. 


American Soft Power in the Age of Trump

By Joseph S. Nye, Jr.

Soft power scholar Joseph S. Nye, Jr. evaluates how public diplomacy investment impacts American soft power in the Trump administration. This piece was originally published by Project Syndicate


Ayurveda and Yoga are India's Greatest Gifts to Mankind

By Aparna M Sridhar

In anticipation of Ayurveda Day, Aparna Sridhar of Center for Soft Power wrote about how the Ayurveda system's unique approach to healthcare is a source of India's soft power.


The "Dark Side" of Digital Diplomacy

By CPD Faculty Fellow Corneliu Bjola

Bjola proposes five counter-disinformation tactics for diplomats. This piece was originally published by the Elcano Royal Institute.


Public Diplomacy Imploded: Populist Cultural Strategies for the Digital Age

By Paweł Surowiec and Chris Miles

The second post in this two-part series delves into President Trump's hyperreal digital activity and implications for public diplomacy.


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