Most-Read Blogs of 2017

Although talk of President Donald Trump dominated the list, our readers enjoyed an interesting array of topics. Find out what resonated below:

10)  Seeking Emotional Truth in Public Diplomacy by Jian (Jay) Wang. The CPD Director spoke to the passions and anxieties driving today's political climate.

9) Challenges in Measuring Public Diplomacy by Katherine Brown. A discussion on the importance of evaluating public diplomacy and advice on how to do so.

8) Donald Trump Is Decimating America's Tourist Economy by Markos Kounalakis. Insight into how the "Trump Slump" limits visitors to the United States.

7) Public Diplomacy Dies in Darkness by Mark Dillen. As the Trump Administration marked the completion of its first 100 days, Mark Dillen assesses the crisis in America's place in the world.

6) Russian Disinformation and U.S. Public Diplomacy by Mieczyslaw Boduszynski and Philip Breeden. A look at some of the tactics the United States can use to respond to disinformation in the 21st century.

5) Sweden's Public Diplomacy Must Adapt to Its New Global Role by James Pamment. Why Sweden needs to show "its human side, warts and all."

4) What's a Public Diplomat to Do? by Kelsey Suemnicht. A look at what the author has learned from contributors to her "Women in Diplomacy" podcast and how it can help future public diplomats.

3) Trump's Big Fail (So Far) at the BBG/VOA by Dan Robinson. In Part I of a two-part series, Dan Robinson looked at recent events involving the Broadcasting Board of Governors' oversight of Voice of America.

2) Stop Inventing "New Diplomacies" by Shaun Riordan. A discussion of how creating more subsets of diplomacy can lead to confusion about what diplomacy actually is.

1) Trumping Traditional Public Diplomacy by R. S. Zaharna. What can public diplomacy learn from Trump's playbook?

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