10 Most-Read CPD Blogs in 2020

Capturing the trends in public diplomacy conversations in 2020, our most read blogs this year cover topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, racial injustice and the growing role of subnational actors tackling globally-shared challenges. Topics about the origins of public diplomacy, counter-disinformation tactics and the newer trends in digital diplomacy remain popular in our community. This year, the issues of U.S. global image, soft power and global engagement draw even more attention from our readers given the increasingly polarized context of domestic politics in an election year.

Globe with Mask

Public Diplomacy in the Age of Pandemics

By: Jay Wang
CPD Director Jay Wang on a public diplomacy perspective during the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

White House

Public Diplomacy and Soft Power? No Thanks, It's America First

By: Paul Hare
Paul Hare addresses the challenges posed by the Trump administration to American public diplomacy efforts.

World Map Network

Digital Diplomacy in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

By: Corneliu Bjola and Ilan Manor
Foreign ministries have been actively involved in national efforts to stem the coronavirus outbreak. All the while citizens are online comparing their nation’s handling of the crisis, to that of other nations.

Man Filming

COVID-19 Heralds the Era of Digital Diplomacy in Africa

By: Bob Wekesa
Bob Wekesa of the African Centre for the Study of the United States argues that COVID-19 has produced an unprecedented uptick in African digital diplomacy.

China and USA

International Reputation & COVID-19: China, the U.S. and Beyond

By: Nick Cull and Mark Magnier
South China Morning Post correspondent Mark Magnier interviews CPD Faculty Fellow Nicholas J. Cull.


Namaste and more, India shows the way during COVID-19

By: Aparna Sridhar
India's Namaste greeting follows social distancing guidelines and has been adopted by world leaders, writes Aparna M Sridhar of the Center for Soft Power.

Network Cities

5 Takeaways on City Diplomacy in the COVID-19 Crisis

By: Jay Wang and Sohaela Amiri
CPD Director Jay Wang and Sohaela Amiri discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on city diplomacy from the perspective of officials at the first virtual City Diplomacy roundtable.

Paper Faces

How COVID-19 Makes International Affairs More Humanly Decent

By: Sohaela Amiri
CPD Research Associate Sohaela Amiri on opportunities for a Reimagined Statecraft in the Wake of COVID-19.

Fist Bump

A Typology of People-to-People Diplomacy

By: Kadir Jun Ayhan
Kadir Jun Ayhan defines people-to-people diplomacy and outlines a typology in which to classify these interactions.

World Map

Geopolitical Illiteracy and Public Diplomacy

By: Vivian Walker
Individuals' knowledge about the world has national security implications that public diplomacy can address, writes U.S. ACPD Executive Director Vivian S. Walker.


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