Nation Branding and Soft Power: Poland

Pawel Surowiec, professor of media and political communications at Bournemouth University in England, has published a new book on Polish soft power. The work unpacks Poland’s national politics, sociology and statecraft to contextualize how the Eastern European nation has shaped and solidified its global public image since transitioning from Communism to Europeanization. Chapters in the book analyze Poland’s foreign affairs, its governance of soft power resources and its mediation of traditional diplomacy in the digital era. The list of chapters is noted below:

1. From 'Total Wars' To 'Total Markets'
2. Soft Power, Nation-Building and Globalism Re-Considered
3. Reforming the Polish Statecraft: Foundations for Corporatisation
4. Mapping Out the Polish Field of National Images Management
5. Field Habitus and Legitimacy of Nation Branding In Soft Power
6. Political Economy of Nation Branding Practice in Poland
7. Articulating Branded Vision of Polishness for Soft Power
8. Poland as Markets' Playground: Towards New Statecraft
9. Conclusions: Updating the Field and Considering the Future of Soft Power Research

More information about the book, Nation Branding, Public Relations and Soft Power: Corporatizing Poland, is available here

Photo by Terra Libera | CC BY-NC 2.0


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