PDiN Monitor December/January Issue Out Now

Welcome to the December/January issue of PDiN Monitor, CPD's electronic review of public diplomacy in the news. This issue focuses on the topic of WikiLeaks: America's Cablegate.

In this issue:

  • In PDiN Roundup, author Daryl Copeland discusses WikiLeaks and the implications for U.S. public diplomacy in his piece, Taking Stock of WikiLeaks and Cablegate: A "Napster Moment" for Government?.
  • PDiN Spotlight features WikiLeaks Around the World, highlighting the regional impact of the leaked cables.
  • PDiN Extras showcases upcoming events at the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, as well as an announcement of the release of CPD Perspectives: Spectacle in Copenhagen: Public Diplomacy on Parade by Donna Marie Oglesby.

    To read the December/January issue, click here.

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    Thank you for reading PDiN Monitor. As always, we welcome your feedback at cpd@usc.edu.

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